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Let’s go Next: Cybersecurity Redefined.

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Thrilled to have been part of Kaspersky’s remarkable event, delving deep into the latest insights. Gratitude for the enriching discussions and connections made. Looking forward to applying these learnings!

Importance of EDR

edr 01

Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) is also known as Endpoint Threat Detection and Response. It is an integrated cybersecurity tech

7 Social Engineering Attack Types to deceive human mind

Social Engineering 01

Social engineering refers to the psychological manipulation that compel people into acting or disclosing private information of themselves. Though In 1911, Edward L. Earp wrote Social Engineer to inspire people to approach social interactions in the same way

Enterprise Email Solutions : 8 Benefits You Should Know

Enterprise email

Do you know enterprise emails build trust? It uses sophisticated security processes in addition to spam filters to ensure the account is always safe and secure. In this blog post, we’re learning how enterprise email solutions benefits us. Enterprise email security solutions helps create a better environment in addition to providing the comfort of knowing […]

How to Prevent Cyber Threats: 10 Ways One Should Know

prevent cyber threats

At present, one of the most talked issues is of cyber threats. Many people become a victim of this serious problem and many of those don’t know how to tackle this problem. Tips for Prevent Cyber Threats There are many ways of preventing cyber threats. Some of them are: 1. Training the Staff One common […]

10 Common Cyber Threats in Bangladesh

Cyber Threats

Do you know that businesses and individuals fall victim to cyber-attacks every year? The growing dependence on technology has paved the way for cybercriminals to exploit vulnerabilities and gain unauthorized access to sensitive information. From phishing emails to ransomware attacks, several types of cyber threats can cause significant harm to your online security and privacy. […]

Why Reducing IT Infrastructure Costs is Crucial

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In a rapidly advancing world of technology, businesses of all sizes are struggling to reduce IT infrastructure costs. Many companies find these expenses significantly high, with the average IT spend accounting for 7.5% of revenue. The key lies in reducing costs and optimizing them to ensure efficient and effective use of technology. Understanding IT Infrastructure […]